Here at the Women’s Breakfast Club you will be inspired and motivated to upgrade every area of your personal life, business and career to immeasurable levels.  What would your life be like if you had a place to recharge your purpose on HIGH and keep it there by the power that “worketh in you” every single day? Our spaces are filled with chain breaking energy, inspiration and a refreshing power of God’s Spirit to keep your divine destiny on track. Women are making new friends, obtaining wisdom from other powerful women and establishing exciting networking opportunities. No meeting is the same and our footprint is growing!  “Queen Sister’s” from surrounding cities like Lansing, Battle Creek, Three Rivers, Indiana, Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Detroit visit with us monthly! Please inquire about our local chapters. If something about our Vision makes your spirit leap, this organization has been created for You! 


Our Global Mission

  •  To ignite truth to women around the world of their God-Given purpose, talents and abilities.
  • Create positive connection points and camaraderie between diverse groups of women.

  • Break women free from mental boundaries that limit their success in different areas of their lives.

  • Motivate and Create opportunities for women to utilize their purpose.

Our Intention

  • To create an "empowering global community for women" without religious, organizational or political restrictions. To increase individual capacity in the areas of personal confidence,spiritual growth, balance and leadership skills around the world.